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The Premise

Tell all the Truth but tell it slant -
Success in Circuit lies
Too bright for our infirm Delight
The Truth's superb surprise
As Lightening to the Children eased
With explanation kind
The Truth must dazzle gradually
Or every man be blind -

Emily Dickinson

In some ways, the year in which Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix took place was the most pivotal in the whole saga to date. The students were hustled onto the Hogwarts Express to depart for their homes and leave a very ambiguous world behind – a world where a popular senior student had ended a tournament with his parents coming to collect his body, a student who their headmaster claimed to have been killed by You-Know-Who.

But if this was so, then how was it that this headmaster – plus the one witness to Cedric Diggory’s death – was being discredited daily by the wizarding world’s most popular newspaper? And if He Who Must Not Be Named had truly returned, where were all the random attacks? The headlines splashed across the front page of The Daily Prophet? And why were the very people who they trusted to protect them in such situations, being the Minister of Magic, actively denouncing the dark wizard’s return? And this witness, of course, was the boy who being underaged had mysteriously wormed his way into the TriWizard tournament with the apparent aim of taking attention away from the rightful Hogwarts champion, who had been one of the few first years to be accepted onto a school Quidditch team in decades, and who seemed to have unparalleled influence to any other student his age.

Was Harry Potter really out to gain unmerited attention and cause trouble?

This year set the tone for how the forthcoming war was to be dealt with. Some parties, such as Dumbledore’s Army and the Order, prepared as ably as they could. Those that mattered, however, chose to ignore the threat and turn a blind eye to the signs that all was not well. The student body appeared to be caught in between the faculty, who largely stood by Dumbledore, and Umbridge and the Ministry and the Prophet, who were denouncing every word from his mouth. A central theme of it all was the students’ desire to find out the truth, and certain adults and authority figures’ equally strong desire to suppress it. At all costs.

What this rpg intends on doing is follow this year from the point of view of the older students. Those who are confused about the conflicting accounts of Cedric’s death. Those who know where they stand – on either side. And those who don’t. How would the seventh and sixth year students who weren’t necessarily immediately connected with Harry and who had gone through six years of schooling used to Cedric’s presence at a nearby desk in a classroom react to this confusing chain of events? We would like to show that not everyone who supported Harry and Dumbledore necessarily thought things through properly or had a convincing argument for those sitting on the fence or thoroughly unconvinced. We would also like to show that not everyone who didn’t agree with Harry did so out of stupidity or because they were Death Eater supporters.

Over the summer the Weasley twins developed enchanted diaries which allow them to keep in covert contact with their friends. On the surface the journals look like any other hardbacked book which can be used to write in. The twins made them available over catalogue – because really, what object that made the user look as though they were devotedly taking notes during class only to be exchanging banter with the cute blonde in the corner via parchment appealing? However, they were somewhat careless about who they sold these journals too, and some of them ended up in the hands of people beyond their own house, and people they might not necessarily want their thoughts to be accessed or read by.

However, in the times of Umbridge’s iron fist and numerous Education Decrees, the truth is a precious and many-coiled commodity, and for better and for worse, these journals exist. Whether they forge understanding or further strife between the vastly different factions of the student body remains to be seen.


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