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OCs - for gameverse purposes

((In Progress))

NB: Because sometimes there is a tendancy to godmod unclaimed canon characters, I have decided to create a list of original characters who can serve as plot devices or necessary background information in this game. They may be mentioned in logs or in entries as needed. Do not panic. This is still a game set up for canon characters only. Neither these nor any other OCs will ever - at any point - be given journals.

Certain information on characters’ parents and the organizations they belong to taken from HP Lexicon.

Hogwarts Students


Laura Jane Appleby (here)
Stats: Gryffindor, sixth year, halfblood, prefect
Appearance: 5’5”. Shoulder-length golden brown hair with fringe and hazel eyes. Freckles, which she covers with make-up. Wears horn-rimmed classes. Has a snub nose. Rather cute-looking.
NEWTs: Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Charms, History of Magic and Transfiguration.
Misc: The only child of Marcus and Gertrude Appleby (both textbook halfbloods, with a combination of magical and Muggle parentage), Laura was afraid for several moments during the Sorting Ceremony that she’d never make it to the institution both her parents attended. After spending several minutes deliberating between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, the Hat eventually chose the former. This has given Laura somewhat of an inferiority complex. She’ll bend over backwards to prove that she does in fact belong to Gryffindor, which has given a doggish aspect to her nature she wouldn’t otherwise have and that likely led to her being handed a prefect’s badge in fifth year. Because of this desire to appear to conform to the Gryffindorian prototype, she is rather quiet on her views about Harry Potter.
Typically placing a lot of faith in authority figures, she doesn’t in fact trust him and considers him to be sane, yet making up You-Know-Who’s return for his own personal benefit. This doesn’t make her a bad person, however. In person Laura is courteous and reasonable, managing the younger students in a sensible manner. While she is friendly with other sixth years, particularly the Hufflepuffs, for the most part she keeps to herself when not wearing her “prefect face” and isn’t really an instigator. Unusually bookish for a Gryffindor, post-Hogwarts she hopes to work keeping records for and developing the Ministry of Magic libraries.

Name: Ursula Grinnell (here) (contributed by maniacalmuse)
Stats: Gryffindor, seventh year, halfblood
Appearance: Of medium height, with shoulder-length dark blonde curls (of which she is slightly vain), blue eyes and a scattering of freckles on her nose. Reasonably pretty in a girl-next-door sort of way.
NEWTs: DADA, Transfiguration, Arithmancy, Divination and Muggle Studies. Her strongest subject in that group would be Muggle Studies, though growing up with a halfblood father and a Muggle mother, perhaps she has a bit of an undue advantage. Reasonably smart but not brilliant, she makes above-average, though not exceptional, marks in her classes.
Misc: Definitely the girliest member of the seventh year Gryffindor girls' dorm, Ursula is the only daughter of her parents-- after two significantly older brothers. Her absolutely thrilled parents did the whole OMG A GIRL YAY schpiel, from the pink painted nursery on. She Sorted Gryffindor at Hogwarts because in her way, she's quite set in her ways, and doesn't mind the censure that comes from certain fellow students or teachers in which her somewhat frivolous nature is compared negatively to the outspoken determination of Angelina or the calm intelligence of Alicia.
While perhaps not the most courageous and heroic of her housemates, she's probably also one of the more inoffensive ones. She is a bit of a flirt and can be found crushing on any number of blokes all at once, and in credit to the Gryffindor bravery, has no problem in making the first move there!

Name: Peter Kim (here)
Stats: Gryffindor, seventh year, halfblood, prefect
Appearance: 5’10”. Slender with an oval-shaped face, high cheekbones and longish black hair. Wears neat, black-framed glasses. Considered handsome by Alicia Spinnet, though not quite in the Cedric Diggory league.
NEWTs: Charms, Herbology, History of Magic, Potions and Transfiguration.
Misc: Peter’s mother is a halfblood witch who does clerical work for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. His father (also a halfblood) is one of the sub-editors of Witches Weekly, something Peter finds rather embarrassing. Both his parents are of Asian descent, although the family has lived in Scotland for at least a generation. He has a younger sister, Sarah Kim, who is in Hufflepuff. In true prefect form, Peter is a decent student, performing ably in History of Magic and Transfiguration. Ironically considering which house the Hat placed him in, he is rather weak at Defence Against the Dark Arts, but his quietly, logically assertive nature more than makes up for it.
In contrast to the Weasley twins and Lee Jordan, he is rather reserved and bookish, yet open-minded and reasonably tolerant of their pranks – perhaps as a result of sharing a dorm with them for six years! So long as they are not hurting anyone or mistreating the younger students, he is content to live and let live. He attended the Yule Ball as Alicia Spinnet’s date, who he knows through prefect duties. The pair are sometimes rumoured to be a couple, but in reality are only on friendly terms. He isn’t yet sure what exactly he wants to do once he graduates.

Name: Quentin Oakby
Stats: Gryffindor, sixth year, halfblood
Appearance: 5’8”. Messy, mousy brown hair and hazel eyes. Square face and snub nose. Plain at best.
NEWTs: Ancient Runes, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts and History of Magic.
Stats: As grandmother Idris Oakby found the Society for the Support of Squibs, Quentin is at pains to prove that he has “got it.” He takes any aspersions on his magical or academic ability as a personal slight. He averages “A’s,” but will tell you that they’re “E’s” and “O’s.” Most of his fellow Gryffindors probably view him as something of a joke, although he is a likely crony of Cormac McLaggen.
Ironically given his family’s association with Squibs – the concrete proof for those who care to analyse that bloodlines are not everything – Quentin is something of a blood supremist. His parents are divorced and he denounces his halfblooded father at every opportunity. He still lives with his pureblood mother, who continues to give the Dursleys a run for their Galleons in the World’s Most Spoiled Child stakes. The biggest reason why he was Sorted into Gryffindor is that in spite of his lack of positive feedback from most housemates, he still continues to trumpet his beliefs loudly and proudly. Clearly not familiar with the concept of a mirror (or how he is equally unappealing on the inside), Quentin is under the impression that he is Merlin’s gift to witches and will attempt to pull anything in a skirt. He steers clear of Katie Bell however, as he is afraid of Fred Weasley. And George Weasley. And Angelina Johnson. Especially Angelina Johnson.


Andrea Adams (here)
Stats: Hufflepuff, sixth year, muggleborn
Appearance: 5’4”. Light brown hair styled into a pixie crop, delicate features, hazel eyes and olive skin. Small-boned. Seen as one of the prettier girls in her house.
NEWTs: Care of Magical Creatures, Divination, Herbology, and Muggle Studies (she takes this so she can get an “O” in at least one class).
Misc: Muggleborns in canon tend to either keep a low profile or try and overcompensate for their lack of prior exposure to magic, and Andrea is definitely fo the latter tribe. With a barrister father and a publicist mother, there is no chance of getting this girl to shut up. She has a younger brother and sister, but like the rest of her family they are Muggles and do not attend Hogwarts. Andrea has never gotten over the shock of being an only child the first four years of her life, and then having two siblings born in quick succession and causing her to no longer be the centre of her parents’ existence. She has therefore spent the remaining twelve years trying everything in her power to get that attention back, from attempting to ace Charms and show up her fellow students (especially the purebloods), to acting up and being disrespectful enough to the professors for letters to be sent home about her. However, she never overstepped the line that would have led to expulsion. This is because she loves the idea of being a witch and therefore unique to her family and Muggle friends in some way.
Technically Andrea should only be an “A” average student, but due to her work ethic manages a respectable amount of “E’s.” If it gains attention, she is up for it. She has tried (unsuccessfully) to get into the Quidditch team four years in a row, auditioned for the choir and in her spare time is an accomplished dancer. Very popular with the boys, Andrea rarely goes to Hogsmeade solo, though her more malicious classmates may whisper that she never seems to keep one for long. She likely alternates between crushes on Stebbins and Ben Botha* (with a few non-Hufflepuffs thrown in at times, for the sake of fairness) and possibly dated Ben for a while when they were younger, until he tired of her superficiality. These days she still makes half-hearted, token advances in his direction, which he deflects politely but firmly.
Despite her (rather annoying) attempts to hog the limelight, she shows a lot of loyalty and love for her housemates. She was one of the first to don a “Potter Stinks” badge during fifth year, wept openly at Cedric’s funeral and during the holidays traveled out of her way to deliver flowers to his parents in person. Whether or not she’s the person most Den dwellers would want to represent them, she’s all about Hufflepuff pride.

* see below

Name: Benjamin James Botha (here)
Stats: Hufflepuff, sixth year, muggleborn, prefect
Appearance: Tall and handsome, with a body toned to athleticism beyond his years. He works very hard to keep it that way though, typically squeezing in around two hours of sports-related activity on weekdays and at least four hours daily over the weekend. However, this is more out of a love of being active and in the great outdoors than vanity (although he certainly isn’t unaware of his genetic good fortune!). He scoffs at fellows who go to the gym and lift weights just to “look pretty,” labeling it as “beach gym.” Despite being conventionally good-looking, Ben produces more of an impish, boyish charm in person, with his ready, dimpled grin and his rumpled blond hair.
NEWTs: Ancient Runes, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology and Potions. He’d average an “E” in all but Ancient Runes, which he’d get an “A” in. However, he doesn’t mind as he enjoys the class and the professor, and the professor making fun of the class.
Misc: Ben is South African-born, his parents (wealthy white farmers) having relocated to Britain when Ben was seven years old. Despite having lived in Britain for over half his life, he still speaks with a faint accent. Afrikaans is spoken between his parents at home and while he can understand that, he prefers to respond in English as it is more of “his” language. Ben is a British passport holder, although sadly he had to give up his South African equivalent to achieve this, since that country does not allow its population to possess dual citizenship. He will philosophize that he may have lost his citizenship, but no one can ever take his nationality away from him, and still proudly cheers on his national rugby team (the Springboks) when they play.
While most Muggleborn children jump at the chance to “do magic,” it was actually eleventh hour whether Ben would attend Hogwarts or not. This was because he was already showing promise of being a strong rugby player (his father represented his state back in South Africa), and his parents knew that he would realize his potential as an athlete only if he remained in the Muggle schooling system. Like many other Muggle parents of magical children though, they weren’t overly surprised by the acceptance letter as they had always suspected there was something special about their son, and so allowed him to attend a school where he could be with his own kind more, sadly unaware of the discrimination that exists among this already tiny community. To this day Ben finds the sports curriculum at Hogwarts woefully inadequate and will trumpet this opinion at every opportunity. He is a Beater on his house’s Quidditch team though, sniffing that “it’s the next best thing you’ll ever find here to rugby.” In spite of his mild disdain, he does work hard and keeps his opinions in check during practice, which is why he is a valued member of the Hufflepuff squad.
In the same manner that people who move to a foreign country often spend a fair amount of time griping about what this new place doesn’t have that theirs does, Ben vocalizes the difference between wizarding versus Muggle lifestyles, usually unintentionally disparaging the former. Not to him that the wizarding culture is bad - he is still here after all, he will tell you with his nose in the air – but sometimes the Muggle way does make more sense. Invariably (and perhaps understandably) this rubs students who have grown up with magic the wrong way, but Ben is at heart a decent person who treats others well most of the time. He is likely the type people may find a bit irritating when they first meet him and he’s going, “Well, Muggles have computers which allow them to save and make changes to homework blah blah blah” but when they talk to him one-on-one, they realize he’s actually quite likeable. And while he doesn’t yet possess the finesse that makes him a charmer on par with Stebbins, he doesn’t do half-badly with the ladies either. He likes girls who jog, as he sees runners as being positive thinkers. If you ask him, I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to explain. At length. On second thoughts, don’t ask him.

Name: Nigel Ketterley
Stats: Hufflepuff, seventh year, pureblood
Appearance: 5’8”. Broad-shouldered, solidly-built, cropped auburn hair and brown eyes. No freckles. Square-faced with a cleft in chin. Attractive in a bullish way.
NEWTs: Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, and History of Magic.
Misc: Nigel is the only child of Mars and Eustacia Ketterley. His father, who he inherited his stature from, is a former Beater for the Chudley Cannons (the particular team he played for, Nigel doesn’t advertise) and now works for Q.U.A.B.B.L.E.* Nigel is academically middling, scraping passing marks on sheer hard work.
Initially coming across a friendly and likeable boy, he intends to be loyal to his close friends but these good intentions are sometimes undone by his being easily swayed and manipulated, which could be part of the reason why he deserted Fawcett for Monique Travers at the Yule Ball the previous year, leading the Ravenclaw to sob (and more) in Stebbin’s arms. This mercurial nature could be why he was only on the outer fringes of Cedric’s gang and likely wasn’t considered a close friend by the late TriWizard champion. After his NEWTs are complete, he plans to follow his father by working somewhere in the sports department.

*Quidditch Union for the Administration and Betterment of the British League and its Endeavors

Name: Sarah Kim (here)
Stats: Hufflepuff, sixth year, halfblood, prefect
Appearance: 5’6”. Slim with a toned, athletic build and long arms and legs. Long black hair with copper highlights and a fringe. Gap-toothed yet rather pretty.
NEWTs: Care of Magical Creatures, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Muggle Studies and Transfiguration (like Siobhan Connolly, managed to scrape through by knowing the theory thoroughly).
Misc: The younger sibling of Gryffindor Peter Kim*, Sarah blows virtually every stereotype about Asians out of the water. Tallish, loud and exuberant, she has enough energy for three girls – and more than enough for the Unfortunates she shares a dorm with. Despite unintentional two am wake-up calls (because she just had to bounce on the common room sofas before going to bed), she is liked and respected enough to have been appointed a prefect during her fifth year. She does manage to channel her exuberance towards her studies, performing solidly in Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures. Her weakest subject is Transfiguration, and her latest homework mishaps (particularly when it comes to changing the forms of small animals) can regularly be found wandering the Den. It is a mark of how much her housemates really do love her that she doesn't get chewed out - so to speak - more often for her latest bunny-come-teapot devouring their lengthy Herbology essays.
Loyal when it comes to her friends and housemates yet fickle when it comes to crushes, Sarah falls in and out of love at a moment’s notice. She may currently be infatuated with Nicholas Stebbins though. Sarah has a somewhat flirtatious friendship with Ben Botha, who taught her how to play touch rugby shortly after arriving to Hogwarts. Their one-on-one games regularly end in tickling matches which look a tad suspicious from a distance! If needed, she can be a Quidditch player.

* see above

Name: Keeley O’Shaughnessy (here)
Stats: Hufflepuff, seventh year, Muggleborn, prefect
Appearance: Just scraping in to the “average” range at 5’4”, Kelley is plump, rather curvaceous and packs a mean left hook (she is left-handed). With her dramatically cut and dyed ox-blood red bob contrasting with her heart-shaped face and wide hazel eyes, Keeley manages to look both intimidating and maternal at the same time. When out of uniform (oy, shut up you) she prefers to wear black and red Gothic/Victorian-influenced clothing, a choice of attire that makes her popular with the boys, though not so much with the boys. This doesn’t bother her overly, if at all. She is the type who cares about people, but not of what they think of her.
NEWTs: Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Herbology and Transfiguration. Keeley would have liked to continued with both Arithmancy and Ancient Runes, being quietly fond of both professors (and of theorizing about the exact nature of their relationship with each other, but only to herself, as she’s no gossip), but she realized that neither would be useful to her future plans, and sagely opted to concentrate on four classes only. She therefore manages reasonably high marks, though the more uber-academics in her year would scathingly comment that they would only get “O’s” and “E’s” too if they had such a pithy workload. She excels especially at Care of Magical Creatures, being perceptive enough to see through Hagrid’s unorthodox teaching style and realize that he really does know his stuff.
Misc: Keeley’s mother is a modestly prominent opera singer, doing well enough for the family to live comfortably as an understudy and back-up lead, but not having the lead billing of the likes of Kathleen Battle. She isn’t a bad singer herself, possessing a vocal range of two octaves, and during her lighter moments can be found warbling away in the Den with Sarah Kim. Her father is a cello player and often travels, both with and without her mother. With two erratic creative types as parents to manage, not to mention the amount of time they spend away from home and that she is the eldest sibling of five, it’s little wonder Keeley developed a practical, pragmatic streak that landed her in Hufflepuff.
Keeley first discovered her magical abilities at the age of eight whilst singing with her mother. When she asked if a crystal class could truly be shattered with a high enough pitch, her mother decided to humour her, and the two spent the afternoon trying. Keeley recalls desperately trying, and willing with all her might, to succeed. When she got to the point where she willed it with every fibre of her being, her voice reached such a high level that it could no longer be heard by a human ear (but sent the dogs in the neighbourhood into a frenzy). The glass not only shattered, but repaired itself when Keeley realized what she had done. While she did not at that stage know about Hogwarts and that there was an entire underground community of witches and wizards, both daughter and mother knew that she had shattered the glass, and that there was something unique about her.
Even though she had overheard students on the Hogwarts Express saying that one of the other three houses was “the best,” Keeley didn’t feel disappointed when she ended up in the Den. She figures that while she may have developed other skills in a different house, Hufflepuff is where she would have been the happiest, and when she’s content, she’ll learn well. She also thinks there’s a lot to be said for not boasting (of everyone on the train, only the Puffs weren’t bandying their name about), and that good old-fashioned hard yards will get you at least as far as cunning, intelligence and courage any day. As a prefect Keeley isn’t as bossy or overbearing as some, but she doesn’t need to be, if that makes sense. With younger charges a look is enough to get them back in line, and with the other ones she can calmly explain the consequences of any wrongdoing, and why such rules exist in the first place. She is a natural teacher, excelling at tutoring and breaking complicated concepts down into bite-size pieces for muddled youngsters. She is strict, but so quietly warm and likeable that students want to behave for her, and usually do. The likely Den mother, she would have liked and respected Cedric, yet probably not been as close to him as some others. Six year’s worth of a presence is a difficult thing to get over though, and she would have done her fair share of grieving over the summer.


Alexander Browning
Stats: Ravenclaw, sixth year, muggleborn
Appearance: 5’7” and skinny. Close-cropped dark blond hair which still manages to be messy, watery blue-grey eyes and sharp facial features. Manages to overcome any plainness of features through his ready smile.
NEWTs: Arithmancy, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, History of Magic and Transfiguration.
Misc: Alexander (called Alex by fellow Ravenclaws) is probably one of the few students in school who commits the impossible by staying awake during History of Magic, his avidly scratching quill the sole sound accompanying the droning monotone of Professor Binns and the sleeping snorts of classmates. This is because Alexander is to the wizarding culture what Arthur Weasley is to Muggles – he just finds them oh-so-fascinating and has to find out every little thing about them! He not only takes detailed notes in the class, but manages to excel in it. This would likely annoy classmates if he wasn’t so generous with his notes and his time assisting them to catch up on material they literally slept through.
Because of his charitable nature, he’s likely – not popular exactly as he lacks the extroversion and look-at-me nature – but well-liked by class and housemates, though he’d drive the pureblooded ones up the wall at times with his incessant questions about the world he considers himself to be a privileged guest in and not really belong to, despite being an actual wizard. This curiosity about his host culture is the reason he takes Care of Magical Creatures, despite being woefully inadequate at handling creatures, magical or not. He even struggles to control his own owl, Sapienza (Italian for knowledge), and regularly needs to calls in housemates to calm her down. Generously he attributes her mercurial behaviour to female hormones. While a chatterbox to people he’s familiar with, Alexander is perhaps less well-known outside of his own house, as he tends to be a bit wary of non-Ravenclaws and concerned that they will disparage his totally geekery.

Name: Siobhan Connolly
Stats: Ravenclaw, seventh year, pureblood
Appearance: 5’3”. Shoulder length dark brown hair, verging on black. Blue eyes with long lashes which are said to be pretty. Slightly chubby with a round, pleasant face. Some light freckles across her nose.
NEWTs: Ancient Runes (yet another of the enigmatic Professor Babbling’s fangirls), Care of Magical Creatures, Charms (she scraped through with an “E” courtesy of knowing the theory really, really well), Herbology and Muggle Studies.
Misc: Siobhan is the sister of Irish Beater Connolly, though students could be forgiven for being skeptical of the connection. Unlike her famous sibling, she is not remotely athletic – and afraid of heights to boot! Her strength lies in academics and she averages an “E” in most subjects, although she is weaker at the more practical classes. She is rather poor at Charms, near unheard of and somewhat embarrassing for a Ravenclaw, and has a mercurial aim with wandwork in general. Her best subjects are Muggle Studies and Care of Magical Creatures.
Personality-wise she is a good-hearted girl, chatty yet excitable and rather nervous, which gives her the impression of being less intelligent than what she really is. She is particularly panicky around examination time, which may lead her dormmates to escort her under duress to the hospital wing. However, she has a soothing manner with younger students and can often be found unofficially tutoring them. Post-Hogwarts she hopes to work abroad with Magical Creatures.

Name: Silas Crook (here)
Stats: Ravenclaw, seventh year, pureblood
Appearance: 5’11”. Very thin with a pronounced Adam’s Apple and sandy blond hair, which hangs over his forehead. Blue eyes. Somewhat good-looking in a snooty, Byronic mein.
NEWTs: Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Charms, History of Magic, Potions and Transfiguration.
Misc: As Silas’s mother, Glinda Crook, is a spokesperson for Campaign for Greater Freedom for Wizards, it is unsurprising that he possesses prejudices against Muggles and students at Hogwarts descending from them. Blood supremists exist in all houses; the only difference being that those not in Slytherin know to be a tad quieter about their feelings. Silas knows that his ideals will not be as openly supported in Ravenclaw as they would be in a certain other house, so he for the most part keeps mum about them. However, they come out in subtle ways, often disguised in a sympathetic manner, such as saying to a fretful younger year, “It must be harder for you, not being exposed to this before you got your letter and therefore having to start from scratch. I admire you. It’s a miracle that you’re not getting straight “T’s,” really.” Needless to say Ravenclaw is not full of dunces, and a few students do pick up on these covert insults, making Silas largely friendless within his house.
If life was fair Silas would be a mediocre wizard, proving that supposed superior bloodlines do not necessarily make for the marks to match. However, life is a bitch, and Silas received “O’s” in all but three of his nine OWLs. His best subjects are Ancient Runes, Arithmancy and Charms.

Name: Morrigan Hughes
Stats: Ravenclaw, sixth year, halfblood
Appearance: 5’6”. Has long braided hair, usually tied back in a ponytail. Reasonably pretty, with big eyes and a wide, full-lipped mouth.
NEWTs: Ancient Runes, Astronomy, Charms, Divination and Transfiguration.
Misc: A black witch hailing from Cardiff, Morrigan is a member of Cho Chang’s little harem of friends. She has a somewhat love-hate relationship with Cho, who likes and admires, yet at the same time feels a moderate amount of envy towards. Aware that she is pretty and intelligent, yet not as much so as her friend, Morrigan is somewhat frustrated at being in Cho’s shadow, but (somewhat opportunistically) realizes that the Ravenclaw Seeker’s appearance gains her more attention and popularity than what she would otherwise earn alone. Thus she is very much a follower.
While not a horrible person at heart, integrity isn’t very high on Morrigan’s list. As she is rather shallow, she is something of a fair weather, “any way the wind blows” friend. She likely doesn’t have the bond that Cho and Marietta do, and therefore will probably seek greener pastures when Cho proves too much work to maintain a friendship with. A real dreamer, her best classes are Astronomy and Divination, with Ancient Runes (which she took only because she thinks Professor Babbling is “dashing”) being her weakest.

Name: Herbert “Herbie” Willis
Stats: Ravenclaw, seventh year, halfblood
Appearance: 6’2”, but with a slouch that makes him appear shorter. Thin with a boyish, innocent face, snub nose, dimples and shoulder length blond dreadlocks.
NEWTs: Astronomy, Divination, Herbology, History of Magic and Potions.
Misc: Herbie is the eldest son of Heliotrope Willis, the spokesperson for the Troll Rights Movement. His father is a house husband with a fondness for collecting Muggle garden gnomes and charming them to move, and he has two younger siblings not yet of school age. Given this upbringing, it is not surprising that Herbie is rather free-spirited and considered to be something of an oddity by younger students. Gentle-natured and easy-going, he has something of a siblingesque relationship with Fawcett, who feels a fond form of exasperation for him. In the less fond and more exasperated moments, she can be found stretching up on the tips of her toes to clip him around the ear. While he does not infringe upon those pertaining to treating others with respect, Herbie views rules as things that can be ignored, and doesn’t seem to know that they actually exist.
His best subject is History of Magic, which he finds strangely fascinating to the bemusement of his classmates. Things that are boring to other people are interesting to him, and he received an “O” on his owl for this class. He also does well in Divination and Herbology, although his incentive in the latter is largely due to his stashing and growing of a certain illicit Muggle plant in the greenhouses. While possessing a natural flair for Potions, he often ruins classwork due to absent-mindedness via skimming over the ingredients and winging it a little too much when it comes to improvisation. This creativity also leads to moments of genius, which resulted in his being able to continue to NEWT level. He is a fan of the Wierd Sisters and a skilled artist.


Susannah Caligo (here) (contributed by maniacalmuse)
Stats: Slytherin, seventh year, pureblood, prefect
Appearance: Susannah (don't call her Susie unless you're Cassius or Brat) is tall and stately, with straight blonde hair and dark blue eyes, but decidedly not the approachable girl-next-door type. She's not exactly snooty-looking, but as she's not one given to laughter often, may come across as such. Occasionally, she'll be seen smirking, and it's at that time when it's very apparent that she is, in fact, related to the incumbent Head Boy despite their very different colouring.
NEWTs: Susannah takes DADA, Transfiguration, Charms, History of Magic, Ancient Runes and Astronomy, and averages about an E, with higher marks in DADA and lower ones in HoM.
Misc: Susannah is the cousin of Cassius Warrington, and due to their closeness in age, has more of a siblinglike relationship with him. Born and raised in a fairly affluent household, the only daughter of a wealthy solicitor and a socialite, Susannah gravitated more towards her father and his work than the debutante-and-soiree lifestyle of her mother, and exhibits the ambition to get more out of life than a few calling cards and a rich husband. She Sorted Slytherin when she entered Hogwarts and has an affinity for Defense Against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration.
More thorough than clever, she maintains good marks by doing her work very carefully, and due to a combination of having led a fairly sheltered life and a big, intimidating Big Brother Figure cousin in the role of Head Boy, her social life and love life are fairly unremarkable. Though termed 'standoffish' and occasionally 'uppity' by the rather more rambunctious members of the student body, she is typically kind if approached nicely. She fiercely resents anyone who makes blonde comments or assumes that she's some sort of bubble-brained debutante pureblood princess, and will go out of her way to prove them wrong at all costs. She is also more than slightly addicted to sugar quills and in her spare time enjoys reading (of all things!) Muggle fantasy fiction. LOTR is a favourite.

Name: Josiah Haughton (here)
Stats: Slytherin, pureblood, sixth year
Appearance: 5'9", slightly weedy-looking, with dark brown hair and deep-set brown eyes, pale-skinned, though with slightly yellowed teeth and nails from a long-term smoking habit.
NEWTs: Ancient Runes, Charms, Defense Against Dark Arts, Herbology, History of Magic
Misc: Josiah is the son of Abraham and Editha (nee Thayer) Haughton, nouveau riche purebloods. Abraham's father was a Squib, a fact which is kept carefully hidden by the family, who won a very unlikely fortune: After successfully speculating the results of a few Quidditch games, he took the money made from the bets and invested it in promoting a supposed "cordial" which enhances foresight and Divination skills, and capitalised on it in the era of mass paranoia that was the first war. Born in a shabbily ostentatious house, where his mother's bad spending habits meant stale and scanty meals even if she always DID have the last word in dress robes and handbags. Josiah is a reflection of this: thin and rather frail-looking, he'll rarely bother to eat right, and yet always spend extra cash on fine cigarettes and occasionally worse.
Josiah has a bit of an inferiority complex in comparison to the more stable, established pureblood families and deals with it by being suspicious of everyone's motives, and showing off in the way of the "new money" mindset: dragonhide loafers, a snotty attitude, and being 'too good' to associate with the majority of people who come from 'working-class' backgrounds, nevermind he's not exactly aristocratic himself. Probably a bit of a crony and follower of Malfoy's ilk as well, though the older Slytherins probably ignore and disregard him as nothing more than a whingey, rather annoying housemate.
Josiah's a decent student, though he fails to apply himself at times, and can occasionally be seen up at very late hours cramming for an exam after slacking off for the last few weeks, chain-smoking like a chimney. He maintains A's in his current classes.

Name: Harmonia Nutcombe
Stats: Slytherin, sixth year, halfblood
Appearance: 5’1”. Stout with thick knotted black hair, hooded eyes, an overbite and a crooked nose.
NEWTs: Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration.
Misc: Harmonia is the descendent of Honoria Nutcombe, the 1700s founder of the Society for the Reformation of Hags. This is perhaps an unfortunate tidbit when one brings her appearance to mind, and she is likely teased about it by braver (or more foolish) housemates. Slytherins of partial wizarding heritage are more common than most would think, although Harmonia has the guile to keep this under wraps.
Despite her aggressive nature, the ironically named sixth year feels an affinity towards animals, excelling at Care of Magical Creatures. Perhaps because she sees the difference between them and the former as being somewhat arbitrary, she also has bouts of protectiveness towards younger students, often shielding the weedier in her own house from the likes of Crabbe and Goyle. She is intimidating both with and without a wand, packing a mean punch and a vicious, ready hex. Also more common among Slytherins than many students would believe, Harmonia does not discriminate against Muggleborns. She’d tell you that she hates everyone equally. She is capable of feeling - and even displaying - empathy for underdogs and fellow social misfits, but no one else.

Name: Monique Travers (here) (contributed by maniacalmuse)
Stats: Slytherin, seventh year, pureblood
Appearance: Of medium height, slim in the "omg ORGANIC CARROTS AND DIET BUTTERBEER ONLY!" way, with a chic, layered bob of dark brown hair. Never ever caught dead without makeup, pristine robes, and perfectly manicured nails. Decidedly high-maintenance.
NEWTs: Monique takes DADA, Divination, Astronomy and Charms, and averages about an A.
Misc: Monique is the youngest child of Declan Travers, a suspected Death Eater (who was CLEARLY under Imperius) who currently works in an administrative position in the Ministry's Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, and Bianca Wilkes, the younger sister of another Death Eater who was killed in the first war (after which the Wilkes estate fell into Bianca's possession). Wealthy and brought up with quite a lot of beliefs of superiority, Monique is critical of other girls' appearances (particularly those who are less wealthy and stylish than her), borderline insolent to most authority figures, contemptuous of Muggles and Muggleborns (though she really can't be bothered to go out of her way to call them names or exterminate them) and has no qualms about using boys or younger students to meet her ends as needed. She collects designer handbags (typically dragonskin) and younger girls of the Pansy Parkinson ilk to form her little posse.
She would have the potential to do better in her classes than she does (she takes four NEWTs and maintains about an “A” average), but sadly she can't be bothered, because she knows that she'll never have to work a day in her life, and expects to marry a rich husband someday who will support all of her needs. She is very excited that Umbridge is teaching at the school, as that lady is a friend of her father's in the Ministry and she figures that will give her an in for Defense Against the Dark Arts, which last year she barely scraped by.


Name: Brigette Dubois (here)
Stats: Beauxbatons student, 18, pureblood
Appearance: Of average height, but looks taller than what she is due to her good posture, her perchance for kitten heels (très français) and her waiflike proportions. All of the following when added to her dark complexion and Gallic je ne sais quoi give her an Audrey Hepburnish vibe. The type of girl you love to hate, Brigette comes by her sleek dark locks naturally and could roll out of bed looking gorgeous, but only after a good night’s sleep, as she’ll readily admit that without her seven hours or so she’ll be as prone to raccoon eyes as the rest of us. While she doesn’t need much make-up, she doesn’t take her looks as granted as much as some of her rivals may believe, swearing by a good skin regime and two galleons of water daily. She doesn’t drink or smoke. When alone, she appears very much the haughty aristocrat, but once she is with liked and trusted company, she is surprisingly open and animate, with an expressive, readable face.
NEWTs: Not really applicable, but (as her school’s name suggests), she is adept at Charms, considered to be the strongest student in her year at this subject. Fleur Delacour would have been stronger at Defense Against the Dark Arts though, which is likely why she got selected as the school’s champion. Cooler headed and less impulsive than Fleur, Brigette likely excelled at the more theoretical subjects, such as Ancient Runes, History of Magic (the Beauxbatons professor is considerably more engaging than Binns, and it is one the school’s most popular subjects) and Herbology. Overall Brigette would have been an excellent student, to have been selected by Madam Maxime in the first place.
Misc: In terms of personality, Brigette is the type who should have an even amount of friends from either gender, but in reality her appearance and stylish, aloof demeanor do alienate many of her female classmates. Funnily enough, Fleur (probably because in her mind, no one can compete with her) is on friendly terms with Brigette, who for her part considers her to think a tad too highly of herself, but to be an otherwise well-meaning and harmless sort of person. When Fleur was selected to represent her school, she would have naturally been disappointed, but reacted graciously enough and congratulated Fleur civilly (if not necessarily enthusiastically) after her schoolmates had retired to their carriage for the evening. She certainly wouldn’t have been the girl who sobbed in the Great Hall right in front of anyone!
While possessing the typical Gallic knack of expressing her opinions rather vocally and a readiness to enter into an intellectual debate with anyone at anytime, Brigette is significantly more reserved when it comes to interpersonal relationships. Girls don’t often approach her in a friendly manner, and boys who do are treated politely, but with suspicion. This is rather a pity as Brigette is good company, possessing a ready wit and a knack of telling anecdotal stories. She does a mean impression of Madam Maxime and Filch, who she took a dislike to since coming to Hogwarts. Tending to have acquaintances rather than friends, Brigette is respected and liked well-enough among her Beauxbatons classmates, but not really considered someone to confide in during a crisis. Which again is a pity as she is level-headed and objective enough to provide alternatives to any given point-of-view and play devil’s advocate if needed, but doesn’t suffer from the “ivory tower intellectualism” which can cut clever people off from humanity.
Brigette comes into this game to serve as backstory for Adrian Pucey. While staying at Hogwarts the two had a relationship of a sort. It likely would have began by Brigette asking about the History of Magic curriculum at Hogwarts, and expressing bemusement that it wasn’t more popular. The relationship progressed rather naturally in spite of a minor language barrier (whilst able to express herself in English and discuss most subjects, Brigette isn’t completely fluent), and they attended the Yule Ball together and continued throughout the year, only to part amicably once Brigette returned to France. However they still converse by owl, as how often do you come across an attractive, well-bred and read and stimulating conversationalist of the opposite gender, who also happens to be a person of class and scruples?

Additional OCs to be added at a later date. If you would like to contribute one, such as a sibling or an OC you feel would make a good plottage foil with your character, let me know.


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