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Community Rules and Guidelines

Pretty much straightforward, but this is the little tablet of commandments to assist us all in the smooth running of the community. Joining it implies that you have understood these terms and conditions and are prepared to abide by them.

  • To join, you must be sixteen or older. Likewise if there is any mention of sex on a character's journal, that character must be a sixth year or above. This is to tie in with the age of consent in the United Kingdom, which is sixteen.

  • No post can be above a R rating. If it is above a PG-13 rating, you must put the relevant material behind a cut.

  • Any romantic and sexual developments that develop between your character and another must be approved by whomever is responsible for that character (ie. if your RPG character is Angelina Johnson and you want her to go out Fred Weasley, you must get the permission of Fred's creator first).

  • On that note, godmodding is very strongly discouraged. If you must (such as for the purposes of logs), ask first.

  • Both heterosexual and homosexual pairings are allowed.

  • Banter between characters is allowed (ie: "Die Potter, Die!" - Draco). However, flaming of the person behind the character will not be tolerated.

  • In fact, the moderator has a dim view of OOC drama of any form. If it is a 50/50 disagreement, she is prepared to negotiate and assist the two players involved in reaching some form of compromise. If, however, it is one person harassing another and she gets wind of it, she will be having stern words with you.

  • If your character is felt to be, well, not exactly in character, the moderator will contact you and advise you on what changes you can make in order for your character to be closer to canon or more consistently depicted.

  • You should be able to post every week with two characters or less, and every two weeks with three characters or more. Posting more often than this is acceptable, but this is the recommended amount.

  • No OOCs are allowed. Even if all you have is a name and a first initial, your character must still be canon.

  • You must have a RPG character journal used exclusively for this community. Since all participants are required to add each others' RPG journals to their character's friends list and ootp_newts is only used for public announcement entries (ie, announcing house points, Quidditch tryouts and the like) and ootp_newts_logs is only used for scened third-person character interractions, if you use your journal for multiple RPG communities, it will just get too confusing.

  • You must sign the community statement saying that you are sixteen years of age or older, and that none of your characters who are fifth years or younger will be sexually active. This is to say that you understand the community age restriction rules. This statement can be found here, and all potential and current members are required to sign it once.

Last but not least, we come to the following. Which isn't a rule as such, but something to bear in mind: Modding is not a democracy. If the moderator has made suggestions regarding either your character's or your own behaviour, she has done so for good reason and has considered and discussed matters very carefully before contacting you and has often received feedback from other players. She will take the time to explain her decision or recommendation to you, but it is not your place to actively argue with her. Having several characters herself, she also tries to keep the moderator and player sides separate. So even if she has an issue with you as a moderator, she is still happy to continue scheming and writing with you as a player.

The two Unforgivables as far as this community is concerned are underaged participants and causing drama among players. If you are found to be under sixteen, this will result from your prompt removal from the community. If you are behaving in a disrespectful and/or aggressive manner towards other players, the following steps will be taken.
  • Strike One: You will be contacted, either over IM or through email, and asked to desist.
  • Strike Two: If the behaviour continues, you will be contacted once more, but this time given a formal warning. This will vary, but be something along the lines of, "Do this on one more occasion and you're out."
  • Strike Three: If unfortunately the first two strikes are still not enough to make you desist, you will be asked to leave. Luckily, this has yet to occur in this game.

Any questions and/or marriage proposals may be submitted to ootp.newts.mods[@]gmail.com.



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