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Happy Valentine's Day!

I am much lazier than Barney so I have not made cards :-P This morning 'anonymous' home-made cards will arrive by owl for Barney's favourite female friends. These include: Cecy, Eloise, Saorla, Fawcett, JD, Angelina, Leanne, and NPCs Andrea Adams, Sarah Kim and Keeley O’Shaughnessy. Lucy's will get waylaid and arrive tomorrow, because I'm mean ;-) The cards will be quite obviously from Barney, not only because they go to his girls, but also because in typical Barney fashion the decoration on them will be mostly from outside - flowers, twigs, feathers, leaves, pebbles etc. They might not stand up very well without a charm but they will smell nice :-) Inside will be a different message in each one (again, that I am too lazy to write) but running along the lines of how much he cares, reasons why he likes you (feel free to invent dumb Barney ways of phrasing it if you mention it to him - you all seem to be able to play Barney as well as me :-P), how important your friendship is to him, and saying Happy Valentine's Day. He will sign off with things like 'Hope this card didn't make your brain hurt too much' that make it pretty obvious who it's from.

I am still trying to think of a hilarious Freudian slip to put in Lucy's that might indicate he fancies her. Ideas welcome.

My other babies:
George is being an ass. The more annoying couples getting lovey (annoying people and annoyingly coupley) might have hexes put on them - e.g. if George tries to talk to a couple and they ignore him to kiss each other, he will make their lips stick together. If they are using sickening baby talk like 'I wuv oo Pookie' he might hex them so they can only talk like babies (think 'goo goo ga ga'). He is only an ass if they are anti-social or rude, though.
Marietta is creeped out. See post.
Patricia is pouting because she didn't get any cards and will make up for it by working herself to death today (if you can't succeed in one area, try another...). She will pass out in the Slytherin common room this evening. If anyone wakes her up she will be mortified to have lost working time by sleeping and set back to work with a vengeance.

Happy Valentine's Day, beautiful ladies! <3
The bulge is from the flask, thankyou.

OCs - for gameverse purposes

((In Progress))

NB: Because sometimes there is a tendancy to godmod unclaimed canon characters, I have decided to create a list of original characters who can serve as plot devices or necessary background information in this game. They may be mentioned in logs or in entries as needed. Do not panic. This is still a game set up for canon characters only. Neither these nor any other OCs will ever - at any point - be given journals.

The charactersCollapse )

Additional OCs to be added at a later date. If you would like to contribute one, such as a sibling or an OC you feel would make a good plottage foil with your character, let me know.

The Premise

Tell all the Truth but tell it slant -
Success in Circuit lies
Too bright for our infirm Delight
The Truth's superb surprise
As Lightening to the Children eased
With explanation kind
The Truth must dazzle gradually
Or every man be blind -

Emily Dickinson

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Community Statement

Important: You must sign this post.

Dear potential applicants,

Please copy and sign the statement below with your regular (non-RPG journals):

I, [user name here], am of sixteen years of age or older and therefore eligible to participate in this RPG. I will be auditioning for the character(s) of [list name here]. I understand that if these characters are fifth years or younger, then they cannot be sexually active. If I do not comply with this rule or my real age is found to be incorrect, I accept that this will result from my removal of the community.

If you do not have a livejournal account, please comment with a link to a blog you may have on another server. If you do not possess a blog of any form, please provide a valid email address.

Available Characters

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Held Characters: If you wish, you can request for a certain character to be held. This means that for a three day period, the moderator does not consider applications for this character. The holding period is short to prevent people from requesting this time yet never getting around to sending in an audition. However, if the three day period has expired and you are working on an application yet need more time, the moderator will grant you an extension of one week. If that initial week has expired and you can plead very extenuating circumstances, you will be given an additional week, but no more.

You can request for a character to be held by either contacting the moderator or responding to this post. The moderator will then confirm that this character is held. She has both a full-time job and a part-time job and may take a while to do this, but your request will always be granted. Only one character can be held per applicant in the same time period.